Farmer Walk Bars | Strongman Walk Bars

Original price was: HK$1,375.00.Current price is: HK$1,100.00.

  • Farmers Walk Bars / Handles – Sold as ONE PAIR for HK$100
  • Heavy duty black steel bars
  • Matt black coated finish
  • Grip handles with 28mm diameter
  • For use with 50mm / 2″ Olympic weight plates and bumpers
  • 2 pairs of basic spring collars included
  • Individual handle weight: 6.5 kg each
  • Capacity: 300 kg per handle
  • Dimensions:
    • Total length: 1525 mm
    • Total height (bottom of bar to top of handle): 209mm
    • Weight sleeve: 34cm
    • Sleeve diameter: 48mm (fit all Olympic plates with 5cm hole)
    • Grip length: 180mm
    • Grip diameter: 28mm
  • Weight plates in the pictures are for application demonstration only, not included and to be sold separately here.

ME-SF  VJ-543


Our farmers walk bars handles give you everything you need to build strength and improve your functional fitness levels. One of the easiest and yet most challenging ways to train, load up your bars and perform a range of Strongman style exercises.

The farmers walk is an exercise that requires a lot of effort both physically and mentally and a lot of grip strength.

Suitable for 2″ / 50mm Olympic weight plates, our famers handles are a pair of horizontal bars that have weights placed on each end. The handles sit parallel to the bar, and one is held in each hand.

Improve your functional fitness levels tenfold using our Farmers Walk Handles. Perfect for improving grip strength and strongman training. Each handle has a thick 28 mm grip. With two pair of collars.


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