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  • Available as as a set of four plyo boxes , 15cm, 30cm, 45cm, 60cm in heights
  • Commercial-grade product for plyometric training, cross-training, functional training.
  • All high-end wooden-frame construction. Extra firm core and softer but firm laminated EVA foam on outside.
  • 30 oz. UV stabilized mildew-resistant expanded vinyl w/non-skid landing zone. Hook & loop fasteners.
  • Footprint: cm x cm. Unit weight by height:
    • 15cm –  (90cm*75cm*15cm)
    • 30cm –  (90cm*75cm*30cm)
    • 45cm – (90cm*75cm*45cm)
    • 60cm – ( 90cm*75cm*60cm)
  • Total net weight of 4 boxes : 96kg


 Stacking Foam Plyometric Jump Boxes

  • Plyo boxes made of wooden core and hard EVA foam pads that can solve one of the biggest problems with getting new athletes to perform box jumps – Crashing! To minimize the very real fear of injuring themselves while doing the movement. Advanced athletes are also reluctant to push their limits on taller boxes for the same reason. If an athlete does not commit to the jump out of fear, the chances of getting hurt further increase.
  • Joinfit PRO plyo boxes are firm and heavy enough to steadily take on any plyometric movements, but soft enough that they at least minmize injury if not prevent injure at all if you miss. You can change the height of the box by stacking and mixing the 4 different boxes together in so that athletes can either work their way up to a prescribed workout height or up to a personal max box jump.

4 reviews for Plyometric Boxes | Plyoboxes | 4-Heights-in-1 Foam Padded | Joinfit PRO

  1. Croc Sir

    Our school have this box for a year now and different sport teams have used it for many dozens of workouts. It’s held up extremely well and the quality is high. We use it for box jumps (at all 4 heights), step work and also as a bench (chest and back work). The vinyl exterior is thick and shows no signs of wear and tear. The foam interior is still as solid and dense as the day I got it.

  2. Jones

    These are amazing and are great for a home gym. Super easy to put together and very sturdy. I love how solid they are and how wide the base is. Usually worry when doing box jumps since the landing surface on other box jumps I use is so small, but I feel comfortable using these. They stack for easy storage and all the cats love them too as you can see above. U’d better put some crash-cusion or pillows around if you are really trying to break your PB in case you land on the floor but not on it.

  3. Alix K

    We have only wooden boxes at our gym, and I needed something sturdy for our members doing HIIT and WODs in which speeding things up may invite higher rates of landing accidents. This is very sturdy, and works great. I still wouldn’t recommend wooden or metal boxes for box jumps, this is perfect, safe, and this is a great product! Happy gym members!

  4. Justin

    We have a metal box that is adjustable at our gym and while it is good for step ups and other things, most members are scared to push themselves on box jump bc most pals don’t want to hit the shins on the metal box so we ordered this. All four boxes are very stable and heavy! Definitely worth the money! So many different uses. Some members are not at the point of being able to do a box jump on 30 inches but some other able members have done many jumps on it and there are no issues with stability. the boxes can also be used step ups, box jumps, elevated push ups, hop overs, high knees where you tap feet at the edge each time, dips, split squat, reverse hyper extensions(with ankle weights on) it really has a ton of uses other than the obvious. Definitely recommend!

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