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  • Alleviates soreness: quickly increase blood flow, reduce lactic acid, undo knots in your muscles and interrupt the pain cycle after workout or exercises.
  • Fully automatic: electric powered percussion sends massage power down to deep muscle levels with no sweat! Each massage gun comes with a type-C line that charges the lithium-ion battery for 4 hours and give 30 hours of massage power
  • Effective Massage Ampbits:  3 interchangeable massage ampbits – Cat Head, Double Cone and Multi-Point
    • Cat Head – best for spine related muscle groups, nailing those hard to reach small muscles without hurting your spine
    • Double Cone Head – Silicon of progressive density in the double cone head deliver progressive massage power to your trigger points, superior than any other massage gun on the market that sends hard punches to your body!
    • Multi-Point Head – Every punch sends power to different micro spots across a specifiic trigger point, make muscle tension dissipate more effectively than other massage guns that send full contact power through heavy punching.
  • Five progressive frequency levels from 1200-2500 RPM
  • Lightweight:  only  680 gram (1.5 pounds ), compact and  easy to use, just press the button to enjoy sports massage by yourself!
  • Li-Battery : 2500mah, Charge 4 hours for 30 hours of use. Type-C  charge line provided
  • Warranty – 100% free of defect in manufacture and workmanship, we offer 1 year service warranty except for parts and battery.
  • Free Delivery : free 4 business day delivery to any door addresses in Hong Kong (or @extra shipping fees if other countries)

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Theragun, Hypervolt, Massage Gun, they are all one of the vibration technologies that is a proven tool in sports rehabilitation and therapy. The use of  Joinfit latest Massage Gun for sports rehab started many years ago, it has since been refined and simplified and now available to any sports lovers. Massage gun has been found to improve flexibility, strength, and power, it can help reduce pain from injury and soreness from an intense workout.

In a perfect world, we’d all have a massage therapist who would instantly appear the moment we had an achy back, sore shoulders, or painfully tight IT bands. However even if we get body work on a regular basis, most of us can’t afford the time and expense to get our muscles massaged as often as we’d like. That’s where self massaging tools, specially a automatic electrical one such as massage gun, can work wonders by letting you work out your sore spots, it also prevent them from happening in the first place—by yourself!

Massage Gun can  target key areas of your body as part of your warm-up, activating your muscles and raising the performance level. After the workout, it’s vibration therapy technology directly targets specific muscle groups, it quickly and effectively relieves pain, increases blood flow, and reactivates tired muscles.

In fact, research has suggested that massage gun improves muscular strength, power development, kinesthetic awareness, It helps decrease muscle soreness, increase range of motion, and increase blood flow under the skin.  (J Clin Diagn Res. 2014  –  Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research).

Mechanical oscillatory motion provided by massage gun could represent an effective exercise intervention for enhancing neuromuscular performance in athletes. Vibration has shown effectiveness in flexibility and explosive power. Vibration can apply either whole body or only local area through massage gun applied directly to a muscle. Optimal frequency to achieve many of these results is between 20-50 Hz and held for anywhere from 20 seconds to several minutes. Joinfit’s Elite Massage Gun’s vibration frequency is perfectly calibrated to target problem areas in your workout.

Click and read this article to learn more about the benefits of using a sports massage gun.


Koeda, T. (2003). A trial to evaluate experimentally induced delayed onset muscle soreness and its modulation by vibration. Environmental Medicine: Annual Report of the Research Institute of Environmental Medicine, 47, 22-25.

Vegar, Z., (2014). Vibration therapy in management of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research, 8(6), LE01-LE04.

8 reviews for Massage Gun | Sports Massage | 5 Freqency | Compact 680g | 30 hrs Battery | Joinfit

  1. Tony

    10 minutes could save 90 minutes of foam rolling! You can achieve in ten minutes what it take 90 minutes of foam rolling accomplish. This is great for anyone who exercises. It’s not the cheapest, but I justify the cost by comparing that two massage sessions and it’s one of the best investments I have made in my health and well-being.

  2. Amanda Pagliarini

    This is the real deal. Life changer. I am able to step up my workouts because this provides more effective, quicker recovery. I’m nicer too because I’m not always sore and in pain!

  3. Jonathan L.

    I have chronic shoulder pain and the massage gun was the only product that helped me.i needed power and compactness that one person could use the massage gun by myself.My pain went away and my entire arm was pain free.

  4. Roger Ellison

    Awesome recovery tool!

  5. Stephen Lee

    This is a great product for someone with a bad back like me.

  6. Wat T S

    Loved the premium feel of the product. It feels great in your hands. This is the kind of gift to yourself to de-stress. It’s a great product that do the job so well in every product option, unlike other cheap alternatives that give you a lot of attachements but none works well.

    Shipping: Reasonably fast shipping. I got it in just 3 days.
    Reliability: The product looks premium and very nicely built.
    Attachments: The only three attachments are superior than any of those many useless heads that other guns supply with.
    Noise: The machine is surprisingly quiet. I wasn’t expecting it to be this good. 5 speed levels

    Usage: I’m computer professional and I spend most of my time sitting in chair. I was in need of some kind of massager for my shoulders and neck. The machine does a great job. Total relaxation. You have the 5 speed levels to control the power. If you go to gym, you can use it for muscle repair/relaxation. There is every attachment for every part of your body.

    Battery Life: It has an indicator that shows how much battery is left. Once fully charged, it will last for at least a week. I have been using it on and off everyday)

  7. Lloyd Q

    Just got it but so far, so good on all my awful knotted muscles. I almost bought the brand name but a friend recommended this one and it seems really sturdy and well made – for way, way less money. It would be hard to reach between your shoulder blades if you use it alone but you can reach almost everything else yourself. Its definetly powerful. Its also crazy quiet. You don’t even have to turn up the TV volume when you use it. If you are thinking of getting the name brand, you really ought to consider this one instead.

  8. Andy LI

    I bought this product with very low expectation based on the products price compared to other premium, similar products. About 3 years ago I actually tried to make a DIY version using a jigsaw and a makeshift massage ball. It was very industrial and not a great solution, so I was resigned to just ask my wife for massages instead until I came across this affordable solution.

    I was blown away by how premium it felt and the results it delivered. My wife, who was sure she would hate it and was reluctant to try it, was also a convert and found the massaging head to be very effective on her upper back, especially at the higher speeds. At the low speeds it actually feels more intense for us, but some probably like that deep intense slow massage motion. It was also nice being able to charge it and use it untethered compared to other massage equipment we have purchased. Very good buy.

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  1. A Functionally equivalent, however Joinfit is more reasonably priced.

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