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  • The only agility disc cone set that includes 40 Agility Disc Cones & cone holder,
  • 2 Assorted Colors – Yellow and orange, 20 pcs each.
  • BUILT TO LAST – Durable and flexible. Our long-lasting soccer cones  or agility discs will bounce back after getting stepped on, kicked, and run over season after season. Great as boundary markers, sport practice, and targets.
  • Low profile and soft durable PE plastic  provides excellant marking while being safe for use.
  • Cone disc Size: 20cm” wide x 5cm tall
  • Approved & used by coaches with championship teams
  • On the field, court, gym, track, sidelines, or parking lot. A great gift idea for kids, coaches, athletes, or anyone else who loves sports!
  • Great for virtually all sports – Soccer, Tennis, Football, La Crosse, Field Hockey and more!

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Speed and Agility Development is Critical for Every Athlete . It’s the truth. Slow players get left behind – in every sport and all ages. If you’re serious about performance, you need effective equipment to maximize your effort. Don’t make training any harder than it already is.

Joinfit Agility Disc Set helps you:

  • Improve your ability to quickly accelerate, decelerate, and change direction
  • Mark off boundary lines for sport specific drills, games and scrimmages
  • Set up obstacle courses for different athethletic and agility drills, even for RC cars, kids games, any races,  drones practices, dogs or motorcycles training.


Learn from Coach 7mlc  about different ways of putting this equipment to the best use:

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If you like their information, please subscribe to their Youtube channel. Equipment used in the video is only very simliar to but not Joinfit’s products.

5 reviews for Agility Discs | 40 pcs | Orange & Yellow | Soft | Non Tripping | Joinfit

  1. Simon LIM

    We ordered these cones for setting up practice maneuvers for a motorcycle, they are small enough to ride over them and they will bounce right back to their original shape. They are 100% perfect for this use. If anything they might slide on a very windy day on a empty and smooth blacktop parking lot. I would guess they would stay still if placed in grass on a breezy day. Anyway 100% satisfied, this product has multiple uses outside track and field.

  2. Lau Kin Yip

    I’m new to coaching basketball, and it became abundantly clear to me that the school was -not- going to assist with training more than letting us use the building. So, I started looking at some cheap equipment I could buy to help teach the 5th graders that I coach how to play. One of the things I’ve wanted from the moment I started coaching was a decent set of cones. I started searching and found these great proucts. They’re amazing! They work well. Are well built! So glad that there are companies that make quality products for a reasonable price.

  3. Lestin

    I coach a couple of futbol/soccer teams. For this price, these cones are great. The local stores at least 1 time more expensive in order to get the same amount , 40 pieces, and the two different colors is exactly what I needed in order to set up speed drills (e.g., a half w/ 2 different colored cones; coach shouts out a color and player reacts). I’ve always resisted having my practice field look like an airport runway, but the color options are helping me, making it easier to explain spacing of drills, etc. The plastic feels a little softer, more flexible than most cones, so I don’t know if durability will be an issue once they have baked in the summer sun season afte season. But, they certainly will last 1-2 years and for HK$300 plus, I will just buy another set.

  4. Job Lam

    Perfect. I’m using them for games for 4-7 year old for my soccer sessions. Now that I’ve seen the quality of the discs & stand I’ll be ordering another set. I’m also recommending your products to the sports complex supply manager. I’m using outdoors right now but of course they will work just as well indoors this summer.

  5. Zoe T

    They’re small plastic cones, so it’s not like there’s a wide range of performance characteristics to assess! But this set is inexpensive for the good number of cones you get (lots of cones are particularly useful coaching 5-6 year olds, because they have trouble seeing/imagining lines if cones are more than a few feet apart). It’s also a good combo of two distinct colors.

    One disc was missing in my shipment, Joinfit sent replacement within a couple days of receiving my complaint, so even that problem was quickly solved! Nice service.

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