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This partnered break-away reaction belts match two athletes against one another in a variety of shadow drills that test their speed, agility and reaction time. Joinfit Reaction Belts focus training towards your ability to cut and react fast on the field, court or ice. A great workout for offensive and defensive players.

  • Develop evasive offensive skills and lock-down defensive technique
  • Simulate one-on-one coverage through a variety of shadow drills
  • Adjustable 360° Reaction Belts with free motion ring allow for freedom of movement in all directions
  • Includes two belts, two velcro break-away leashes (1.2m each) and carry bag


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Reaction belt improves reaction time and quickness and promotes competition with partner training. Reactino belts lets two athletes are connected with a Velcro attachment. Objective is for one athlete to attempt to out maneuver the other and force the nylon tails to separate. Excellent for pursuit drills. Short Belt forces an even quicker reaction than the Long Belt and is also ideal for indoor use.

  • REACTION BELTS or  Evasion training belts can be used for a variety of sports that require one-on-one take-ons or marking, as it helps to improve short, multi-directional speed and turning.
  • SHORT SHARP SPEED: Sprinting past the opposition is key in almost every sport, the Joinfit evasion training belts are ideal for helping you get the edge over your opponents.
  • FAST FOOTWORK: Use the Joinfit reaction belts to improve your overall footwork, whether it is rugby, football, cricket, american football or any other sport, the evasion belts help to improve your overall speed.
  • ADJUSTABLE BUCKLE: The Joinfit evasion training belts come with a secure adjustable buckle and a cord to attach the two belts together with velcro.

Black nylon with Velcro

  • 2 belts with two 1.2m nylon tails
  • Both belts accommodate any waist size



4 reviews for Evasion Training Belt | Reaction Belt | Agility Belt | Joinfit

  1. Zoe

    Simple design but great piece of equipment for competition and reactive skills! It would be 5 stars if it was cheaper as those are nylon stripes, buckles and velcros, though the design is brilliant. Service over Whatsapp was reactive, good supplier.

  2. derrick ford

    I work athletes of different age group. I need to add a couple things to their agility training. Not only was this a good fit but it was affordable and most importantly the athlete had fun using it.

  3. SK Sir

    Great product. Great training tool. I use if for kids on the basketball court. Love having the this extra option in our agility games.

  4. John F

    Very durable. Easy to clean. A definite necessity for 2-person reaction speed training drills.

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