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  • Non-rusting, made from a quality steel,  NOT cheap iron alloy that you see from other cheap alternatives!
  • Shiny steel handle guarantee 100% grip even without chalk!
  • All sizes are the same diameter makes going up in weight an easier transition
  • Competition colors according to IKFF standard are used for easy identification
  • Regulation 33mm handle; The handles are specifically designed to prevent lateral slipping and minimize fatigue with high repetition sets
  • Weights available: 4, 6, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28 & 32kg
  • Unpainted steel handle, 100% grip and no chalk needed
  • Sold as SINGLES
  • Benefits of working out with Joinfit competition kettlebell:
    – Helps develop total body strength, power, and endurance.
    – Kettlebells work the body across a wide range of angles.
    – Increase your dynamic flexibility.
    – Increase the demand placed on core stabilization, agility, and proprioception
    – Use for squats, throws, cleans, jerks, snatches, rotational swings and more.
  • 4kg & 6kg bell are more expensive if compared kg for kg because of more sophisticated manufacturing techniques to produce evenly weighted 4kg bell of the same size)

ME-4-6-8-75   ME-85



What is a Competition Kettlebell? Please read before you place an order.

Competition kettlebells are made of steel and are all the same size regardless of weight for a uniform training experience at all times. This means that whether you are using an 8 KG bell or a 24 KG bell, it will always rest on your forearm in the exact same place. This ensures that your technique stays consistent regardless of weight therefore competition kettlebells are designed for high repetition exercises. Traditional cast iron kettlebells get larger as they get heavier, and each size rests in a slightly different place in the rack position.

Joinfit’s quality competition kettlebell is made from a steel shell (not other cheap iron alloy) with an unpainted handle allowing best direct skin-to-metal grip. Joinfit competition kettlebell are available in 6 different weights. Helps develop total body strength, power, and endurance.

Non-Rusting Handle – Joinfit competition kettlebell features non-rusting handle made of steel!  Cheap kettlebells from other Hong Kong vendors, though may bear similar outlook, are usually made of cheap iron rich alloy that goes rust too soon, making your hands smell rusty everytime you finish your exercise.

No Chalk Needed! –  If you use Joinfit Competition Kettlebell, the shiny steel handle makes sure your grip is 100% so you do not need any chalk!!    Cheap kettlebells from other Hong Kong vendors apply inferior handle-coating process or even no coating during production, their handles are always too slippery especially when you are into the last few reps of exhausting lift. Users of cheap kettlebells always need to resort to applying chalk to hands that mess up the surroundings of your gym and your clothing, you don’t want to be one of them!

Paint Chipped Off – Please note that IKFF standards require all competition kettlebells be only painted but not coated with any other type of materials including rubber, therefore over time the paint might come off here and there upon repeated scratching against your body, floor or any other contact points, this is the nature of a competition kettlebell and not a quality problem.

If you are not a serious competition kettlebell athlete and care more about getting a cosmestically long lasting kettlebell, please turn to our two other kettlebell models which have rubber coated body and chrome coated handle below :

Joinfit competition kettlebells are different.

  • NO FILLERS, each weight has an individual mold to cast precisely to the correct weight. Competition kettlebells from other brands are often made filled with fillers like saw dust and ball bearings to achieve desired weight, this leads to imprecision in weight and contents shifting during lifts
  • WINDOW, size and curvature compared to other models is designed for easier insertion with comfort overhead and in the rack position during lifts. More comfort and easier insertion equal better workouts and new personal records in strength, endurance and competitions.
  • BALANCE, Specifically top-heavy molded with a thicker handle base and a greater percentage of load toward the top of the bell’s body. This ensures that the competition kettlebell does not pull the lifter’s arm to the outside when overhead or in the rack (resting at waist level) yielding injury prevention and energy conservation.

Please visit for a comprehensive guide on kettlebell training.

Come learn from ACEfitness  about some efficient metabolic way of using double kettlebells for a full body workout here:

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Fitness equipment used in this video is very similar to but not Joinfit’s products.

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5 reviews for Competition Kettlebell | KG | Non-Rusting | 4 – 32kg | Chalk-Not-Needed | Joinfit

  1. Brain Velo

    I just got my new Joinfit competition kettlebells today and I am delighted at the quality and feel of these bells. The 33mm handle makes all the difference and has helped my form and ability increase significantly. A very reasonable price for a quality set of kettlenbells that you can grow into…highly recommended.

  2. James NG

    I bought this set over a couple of weeks ago and. I found the set to be extremely reasonable due to the fact you received free shipping.

  3. H Tom

    I ordered the full set 4kg-32kg kettlebells. I have been training with kettlebells for a few years and recently got into kettlebell sport, so I was ready to make the leap to a pro set. This set is really well made. I have bought pro grade bells before from other clown online vendors and they were really poor quality – paint flakes off, handles are rough and the overall construction was substandard. Not these. Joinfit makes a top end bell with heavy duty paint, well constructed and balanced, and the handles are nearly perfect. They were well shaped and had little if not any flaws in them. I highly recommend these kettlebells and it came with free shipping – that alone saved me hundreds of dollars. I would purchase from them again.

  4. Russell T

    I got my 16KG from SF Express today. I wasn’t sure what to expect, so I grabbed the 16. I will be ordering a 24 and 32 shortly now that I have had the chance to check this out. The size is perfect, and the balance is dead on. The casting quality is excellent, and the handle is perfectly smooth. After using more generic KBs with no brand name at my gym, this is a welcome change for my hands. I’m excited to get the rest in.

  5. Jay

    This was EXACTLY what I was expecting. A high quality kettlebell at a reasonable price. At a time where there’s a ton of price gauging it’s great to see a company not taking advantage of people. This item arrived faster then expected, packaging was great, quality was excellent, and price was very reasonable. This bell fits comfortably in the hands, is very balanced, the grip is not slippery, and I don’t care about colors but it’s a great looking product. I’ll be ordering more of these in different sizes for sure. Thanks!

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