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  • New design, mounting on solid ceiling
  • Ergonomic Designed Bar
  • Mounts to 16″ or 24″ Joists Measured On Center
  • Durable Powdercoat Finish
  • All Steel Construction
  • High Density Foam Grips
  • 20″ Parallel Grip Spacing
  • 3 Dedicated Grip Positions
  • 14″ Riser Height
  • Includes: Pull-up bar, Parallel grips, Mounting hardware, and Installation Instructions
  • Comes with installation instruction and holds up to 130kg or 300lb of weight
  • Do-It-Yourself (DIY) installation required. We can also refer a handyman to provide installation service at HK$800 to HK$1200 depending on remoteness of location.
  • Not suitable for exposing to outdoor elements

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The Ceiling Pull Up Bar fits 16″ and 24″ joists and is ergonomically designed to reduce strain and increase gains during your workouts. Featuring ideal 20″ spacing on the parallel grips and angled bars for a more natural grip position, the Ceiling Mount Pull Up Bar delivers better workouts everyday.

Ceiling Mount:
Bolted to the structure of your home, the Ceiling Mount Pull Up offers confidence inspiring stability and a solid anchor for accessories. Our exclusive reversible dual position risers mean you can mount this pull up bar almost anywhere without taking up valuable floor space in your home.

The Ergonomic Bar:
The Ceiling Pull Up Bar features grip angles previously only available on commercial gym equipment. By providing a more natural hand position during chin ups, parallel grip and wide grip pull ups the finely tuned angled grips help you avoid over articulation of the shoulders and reduce strain on your wrists and elbows.

The 20″ Spaced Parallel Grips:
Parallel grip pull ups target the three large muscle groups in the back – the lats, rhomboids and traps. Comfortably spaced at 20″, the parallel grips are a great fit for just about every build.

Performance Dimensions:
This Ceiling Pull Up Bar features our smart design- Dual Position Risers. Whether you are installing below floor joists spaced 16″ on-center or ceiling joists with 24″ on-center spacing, the patent pending reversible Dual Position Risers adjust to fit your application. The bars drop 14″ from your ceiling providing plenty of headroom and a full range of motion. Order your ceiling bar with the confidence of knowing it fits your gym placement now and in the future. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Please note that this 4-bolt chin up bar, though bomb-proof, will need your own manual DIY installation that will call for a heavy power concrete drill  to punch four deep holes into the ceiling, though 4 bolts and installation instruction sheet are included, many people find it hard to do that themselves and they usually hire a handyman to do that at their own extra cost, you could consult the hardware store in your neighborhood, they can usually refer a handyman to you. This item is only suitable for installing on a concrete ceiling in a good condition, please do not install on a suspended ceiling or any ceiling that not weight supported.

Please make sure you understand this installation requirement before placing an order.


5 reviews for Pull Up Bar | Chin Up Bar | Ceiling-Mount

  1. Eric K

    The best place in my exercise room for a pull up bar was the ceiling, and this bar is absolutely perfect.

    The room has a 7 ft ceiling and I mounted it on two ceiling joists that were 24 inches apart. The installation template that came with the bar to show where to drill the holes worked perfect. My joists were about 1.5 inches wide and I mounted it 8 inches from the start of an angled wall (would not have worked on the angle wall, had to be the ceiling).

    I’m 5 ft 10 and was a little worried about my head hitting the ceiling when I did a pull up, but the distance from the ceiling to the bar is perfect (its exactly 16.25 inches from the ceiling to the lowest point on the center of the bar). I thought about mounting a 2X6 board between the two risers and the ceiling like others have done, but it just wasn’t needed in my setup (and with only a 7 foot ceiling I didn’t want the bar any closer to the floor than it had to be)

    I was also a bit worried about how sturdy it would be but it turned out solid. I’m 180 pounds and there’s no movement or sway at all when I use it. Its anchored into the ceiling tight. I also hung suspension bands from the bar and did a workout just to test the weight limit, and it worked fine … no movement in the bar at all.

    The multiple different hand positions / grips make this a lot better than the straight pull up bar I grew up with (and the grips on this are very well padded).

    Installation took a little over an hour because I carefully measured and used a stud finder to ensure I drilled into the middle of the joists. Recommend!

  2. Johnathan Watson

    Excellent product. I’ve been using a doorframe pull-up bar for several years, but it had several limitations (damage to wall and doorframe, I could reach it from my knees). I wanted a ceiling mount and I’m completely satisfied with this product– it is solidly attached to the ceiling and I can now do pull-ups without my feet touching the floor. You have to leave the bolts a little loose until it’s attached to the ceiling because you’ll want a little wiggle room. The included drilling guide that you tape to the ceiling is useful as well. 4 bolts should be good for about a 300lb load, so it’s perfect for what I need. The hardest part is finding your studs (on a finished ceiling).

  3. Francis

    I installed this on a wooden beam underneath my back porch roof. It is a very well-constructed piece of equipment which I use for pull-ups and hanging abdominal raises. I am 200 lbs and the apparatus has been rock-solid since installation.

    One thing that really impressed me about this product was the installation instructions which may be the best I’ve seen in my 40-plus years of life. It was delivered with a hard copy cardboard template to tape to the installation site with marked drill holes for the bolts. This level of detail and commitment to product quality and safe installation is to be commended.

  4. Lorrence F

    Pretty happy w it. I’ll be back to update this comment if it rips out of the rafters, but it feels sturdy. You HAVE to follow the installation instructions exactly as written, you need a minimum 3inch 5/16 pilot drill bit. If you are not sure how, you may want to hire a handyman in around yur neigbourhood. The powder coating is beautiful so I applied a layer of duct tape to avoid metal on metal. Rubber grommets would have been a nice addition but it’s basically perfect. It does hang down from the rafters 17inches. I’m 225lbs and plan on using this everyday: I’ll be back to update if I have any problems. Cheers

  5. Jaime Reyes

    Best purchase I’ve made in a while. Took me maybe 10 minutes to install (I love doing DIY handy work as past time). Feels super solid. I currently weigh 190lbs and am 5’10”, it’s the perfect height and I feel no flex or movement while using it. I’ve had it for a little over a month now. I purposely mounted it in the doorway of my bedroom so everytime I walk by I try to knock out 5. I was using a door mounted one and it was very annoying putting it up and down just to do a few pull ups. I find myself doing a lot more throughout the day since it’s always ready to go. I highly recommend this product if you want to build upper body strength without leaving the house.

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