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  • Pull-Up Station: Padded hand grips, Add definition to your biceps and forearms
  • Push-Up Station: Padded hand grips, Work your biceps, shoulders and core
  • Dip Station: Padded hand grips, Build your triceps, chest and shoulders
  • Vertical Knee Raise (VKR) Station: Cushioned arm rests, Padded hand grips, Isolate your core to develop lean, sculpted abs
  • Sewn Vinyl Cushions: Comfortable material, Durable, built to last
  • Product Dimensions: 2140mm x 1510mm 1040mm
  • Shipping Weight: 45 kg
  • Static max load = 300kg , bolting not needed
  • DIY assembly required, we cannot provide any installation service in the COVID-19 period until further notice. Installation help sheets with instruction diagrams are included in the package.  It takes around 2 hours for single person or  1hours for a two person team who have experience with nuts and bolts and spanner to complete the assembly. (assembly only, not bolting to the floor, which is always not necessary)


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Pull up is the key component of upper body exercises. Push, pull and lift your body to perfection with the VITOX Pull up Tower. Featuring four stations, this muscle-building tower delivers an incredible total-body workout. Target your biceps and forearms with the padded pull up station. Build your triceps, chest and shoulders with the dip station. Work your biceps, shoulders and core with the push up station. You can isolate your core to develop lean, sculpted abs. The Pull up Tower also features sewn vinyl cushions which are built to last and designed with a comfortable padding.

Though many of our previous clients found it is a very easy process, please note that this pull up tower is delivered as parts in boxes and will need your own manual assembly that will take about 60 to 120 minutes to complete. A clear and simple installation instruction sheet is included in the package, however some people find it time consuming to do that themselves and they prefer to hire a workman to do that at extra cost.

Please make sure you understand this installation requirement before placing an order.

Joinfit can provide handyman assembly service at additional HK$600 to HK$900 depending on remoteness of installation premises after the COVID-19 social distancing period is past, if you order now, please prepare to do DIY assembly. please whatsapp 852-51258243 for more details.

5 reviews for Pull Up Tower | Pull-up | Dip | Pushup | 300kg Max Load | Home Gym

  1. Lee

    Okay so let me just start off by saying this had the best assembly manual I’ve ever seen. Someone give that guy a raise.

    The welding is good and everything fit square. The parts were clean unlike some equipment I’ve ordered from other cheap vendors which came covered in “mystery” dust. You know what I’m talking about.

    The whole thing doesn’t take up much space, and that’s a big deal in my studio apartment. For reference I’m 6 foot even and 165lbs.

    This rack weight is heavy enoug hand it does not wobble at all when doing pull ups and dips. Good product!

  2. Vasquez

    I purchased this last week, it arrived today and I put it together in less than 2 hours. It would have taken less time but I did not read all of the directions ahead of time and had to redo some of it to add the parts I missed the first time. It is fairly easy to construct but you really need to read all of the instructions before starting and keep referring to them to make sure it is done according to the directions. For example, I put a higher crossbar on before the middle one and then couldn’t get the middle one attached. So I had to remove the higher one and then the middle went in easily.
    The instructions warn to NOT tighten anything until the very end, and then start from the bottom and work up. This is perhaps the most important part of putting this unit together. It must be done this way to ensure it is level and sturdy when using the device. As the nuts and bolts are tightened, they should be done a little at a time and make sure they are all the same tightness. I just tried to leave the same amount of thread sticking out of the nuts on all of the connections. When I got done it was perfectly level and very stable.
    I used a ratchet wrench, rather than the open end wrench that comes in the box. It made it much easier and also saved a lot of time. The only issue with a ratchet is to make sure you don’t tighter the nuts too much.
    As far as using the machine, we tried it out quickly and love it. My wife was very happy when she saw what we were putting together and I am sure she will get a lot of usage out of it.
    I have no complaints at all with this purchase. Quick delivery as always, the box arrived in perfect condition, all the parts were in perfect shape and well packaged, decent instructions, easy to assemble (one person can do it alone but more fun with others helping), and it is exactly what I was looking for to help stay in top physical condition.

  3. Isaac Poon

    Took some time to put together but not difficult, the instructions made it very clear what to do.

    I’m only around 150 lbs but this thing is incredibly sturdy, doesn’t budge at all while using it, so I trust it’s recommendation on the weight limit, it’s quite durable looking. I use this thing every day, the dip handles especially, those and the arm pads are very comfortable my hands never hurt after working out. Same is true for the pull up bar it has foam along the center of the bar.

    Last this thing just looks great, really nice colors and it came in great condition, no scratches or anything, it honestly looks better in person I absolutely love it. Definitely recommend this one! I’ve got no complaints.

  4. Jackson

    I’m liking the power tower so far, very Sturdy while excersie on it. Quite simple and minimal design, but versatile enough to fit my excersie needs. Assembling process was ok, a lot of screws than I first imagined, but was able to got it done around 45 mins by myself, which wasn’t too bad imo. Price was on point, would recommend 🙂

  5. David Cohen

    For the money this is a great product. Well built, easy on floor space and the wide feet make it very stable. I am a personal trainer and am very picky about my exercise equipment. This piece has three stations. Pullup, push up and dip. because I have seen these over the years assembly was easy. The only two things I did not like are: no perpendicular handles on top in order to switch grip for more bicep isolation that is nice to haves. For the have to haves, this tower checks all the boxes.

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