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  • IDEAL FOR 8′ CEILINGS: Add gym-grade workouts to any room with 8 foot (244cm) ceilings or any space where 14” / 35cm risers suit your needs. Straight 48 inch (121cm)  bar offers ample room to build arms, chest, shoulders, back and core with full range of motion workouts
  • Ultra-stable construction supports 450lbs (200kg) – 5MM thick mounting plates and square tube risers
  • UNIVERSAL CEILING MOUNT: 48 (121cm) inch on-center mounting plates fit all joists in typical residential framing. 48 inches spans two 24 inch (60cm) joists at the top of your house and below floors, the bar spans three 16 inch (40.5m)  joists. Complete hardware is included
  • IDEAL ANCHOR FOR OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES: Anchor Ab Straps, Suspension Trainer and Gymnastic Rings for highly metabolic full body workouts and assisted pull up variations. (accessories sold separately)
  • Do-It-Yourself (DIY) installation required. We can also refer a handyman to provide installation service at HK$800 to HK$1200 depending on remoteness of location. Message us on Whatapp at 852-51258243 for details
  • Lasting not as long as indoor application if exposing to outdoor elements


The Ceiling Mount Chin Up Bar with 14 Inch Risers

The Ceiling Mount Chin Up Bar is a high performance mounted bar with a sleek look and ultra-stable design. The Ceiling Mount Pull Up bar is designed for 8 foot (244cm) ceilings – or any application where 14 inch (35cm) risers suits your needs. The 48″ (121cm) wide bar features our new Hammer-Tone grip finish for a positive comfortable grip over your longest workouts. White powder-coat risers and perfect welds over 5mm mounting plates give a stylish look to an ultra strong bar that is that is built to fuel workouts for a lifetime.

  • Precision 48″ on-center mount holes perfectly span 16″ and 24″ ceiling joists
  • 1.25″ diameter steel bar with hammer tone finish for a secure comfortable grip
  • Ultra-stable construction supports 450lbs (200kg) – 5MM thick mounting plates and square tube risers
  • Designed for 8ft ceilings – 14″ square tube risers
  • Hardware and mounting instructions included for easy assembly and installation

Installation is easy with 48 inch on-center mounting plates that fit both 16″ on-center floor joists and 24″ on-center ceiling joists. The 14 inch risers provide plenty of head room and overhead mounting gives you full range of motion while preserving the flexibility of your floor space. The 1.25″ diameter straight bar is comfortable in your hand and an easy fit for everyone in your family.

The Ceiling Mount Bar is the ideal anchor for bar accessories like Ab Straps, and Gymnastic Rings. Whether you are working up to your first pull up with assisted exercise variations or if you are working to increase your pull up count, order the Ceiling Mount Chin Up Bar and start enjoying better workouts every day.

5 reviews for Chin Up Bar | Ceiling Mount

  1. Darren Cole

    In my spare bedroom I have a workout room setup. I needed a way to do pull ups with P90x3, and I HATE the bars that mount to door frames. I wanted something to mount to the ceiling but not be so low that I had to bend my legs a lot to do pull ups. I have 8ft ceilings so I started researching and came across this.

    Yes the bar is perfect for an 8ft ceiling. It would be fine for a 9ft one as well but you will have to jump to reach it. I’m 5’8″ and I can touch the bar with my fingers flat footed. The bar is very sturdy and very well built. I took a lot of time finding the joists. (experience handyman would have done this fast, they may use an electronic stud finder to locate the joists) I Marked the studs off and I made a very thin pilot hole to make sure I was dead center. Once lined up I did another test drill on the other side of the bar it was exactly 48″OC. The bar is secure and is not going anywhere. If you need a pull up bar this is highly recommended.

  2. Tsui CM

    I mounted this to the ceiling of my laundry room. It is a rather small space, and the bar had to be mounted in a particular position with little tolerance. I took a tip from another reviewer, measured, marked, remeasured, and added a couple 2” x 8” cross beams between joists in my attic to mount to. I upgraded my mounting lag bolts to some Spax 3/8” x 6”.

    I weigh ~225 lbs, and this pull up bar does not budge or wiggle under my weight. It could probably hold twice my weight without an issue. The bar is also a reasonable diameter, so I can use my hand to grip around the bar. I have used others where the bar is a smaller diameter, relying more on finger strength.

    This is now a solid part of the house. When it is not being used for pull ups, I can hang laundry, wet or dry, from it, which is quite handy. Making it an incognito pull up bar.

  3. Victor Kwok

    the grip feels amazing. you won’t fail your pull ups due to grip fatigue. i can now do my pull ups in good form. great pump after the workout. mounting takes a bit of effort due to the weight of the bar. two people assembly would make that a breeze. the lug nuts are adequate and mounts the bar firmly to the ceiling. you can do your pull ups with full confidence.

  4. Tony Sun

    This is a prime straight forward pull up bar. My only wish is that there was an all-black option as the white arms of the bar won’t match off white interiors. But that’s irrelevant. Super satisfied with the construction of this bar and it’s priced at a steal.

  5. Bret

    I haven’t had it long enough to be certain if it’s durability. It it seems VERY good. Good value for the money. Ours is inside. I wouldn’t hang it outside. The only drawback to this bar is that it doesn’t have a good textured grip. I’d prefer a grip like that if an Olympic bar like we see on many of the better branded pull-up bars lien rogue for instance. Stil la great value.

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